➤ programming of game mechanics and logic;

➤ UI programming and visual effects;

➤ optimization of game resources;

➤ work with SDK of third-party services;

➤ profiling and optimization of the game by memory and fps;

➤ collaboration with artists and animators to integrate their work into the game.


Requirements for candidates:

✔ development experience in C++ from 3 years, knowledge of modern language standards (C++11, C++14, C++17);

✔ knowledge of object-oriented programming, basic algorithms and data structures;

✔ experience in creating and optimizing mobile games for iOS / Android platforms;

✔ excellent code culture;

✔ ability to understand someone else’s code;

✔ ability to document own code and decisions;

✔ work experience with computer graphics;

✔ work experience with game engines (Unity / Unreal Engine / cocos2dx) will be an advantage;

✔ the experience of game development is favored.

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